AETI 1 Day Agenda



The following agenda is typical for our 1-day programs


7:30 am - Coffee

8:00 am - Introduction & Overview

bulletWhat's New? The UCP 600

8:10 - Overview of Intíl Payment Procedures & Terminology; Deciding on Optimal Payment Terms

bullet Payment Methods Defined
bullet Payment Terms Defined
bullet Drafts & Acceptances Defined 

8:45 am - International Pricing Terms (Incoterms 2000)

9:15 am - Introduction, and Review of Letters of Credit (LCs)

bulletTypes of LCs
bullet20 Key Elements of a Commercial LC
bulletBanks/ Dates/ Documentation Requirements/ Payment Location/ Engagement Clause/ Confirmation
bulletKey Roles of the Banks
bulletDiscrepancies/ Costs & Fees/ Compliance
bulletSetting up an Effective LC

10:15 am - Break

10:25 am - Introduction, and Review of Letters of Credit (Contíd)

11:15 am- How to Use LCs as  Effective Financing Tools

Noon - Lunch


12:45 pm - Review of Key Documents & Regulations

bulletBills of Lading and Consignment Issues
bulletThe UCP 600
bulletInternational Standard Banking Practice (ISBP)

2:15 pm - How to Read and Understand LCs

bulletCase Studies

3:00 pm - Break

3:20 pm - Documentary Collections

3:40 pm - Financing Alternatives

bulletGovernment Programs
bulletThe Role of Credit Insurance

4:40 pm - Course Evaluation

4:50 pm - Summary & Conclusion

5:00 pm - Adjourn

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